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Nuestro objetivo es hacer buenas parejas tanto para los adoptantes como para los perros. ¡Queremos mascotas felices y gente feliz! Nuestros animales adoptables reciben la siguiente atención médica:

  • Examen médico y examen veterinario

  • Castración

  • Vacunación combinada contra el moquillo

  • Vacunación contra Bordetella

  • Tratamiento antipulgas y preventivo

  • Desparasitación para parásitos intestinales


El costo de cuidar a un perro puede aumentar rápidamente. En SOS, se requiere una donación de un mínimo de Mex $ 500 para adoptar un perro adulto o un cachorro. Esto es lo que normalmente nos cuesta mantener a su nuevo compañero seguro y saludable.

Ana's dogs need our help!

Ana Luisa Maldonado is a well known rescuer in the Lake Chapala area who used to send her dogs to SOS Chapala DOG Rescue, but the municipality recently closed that shelter. Even worse, the owner of her property now demands that she send her dogs to a kill shelter in Guadalajara (meaning that, if the dogs aren't adopted within a short space of time, they are put down). Some of the dogs have found other shelters and fosters to take them temporarily, but others are still in immediate danger. This page is dedicated to help these dogs find homes. 

The dogs have been living outside in open kennels, some for as long as a year. Little is known about their past lives, whether they are house-trained, friendly with cats, etc. However, if someone is interested and needs to have a dog cat-tested first, that can be arranged. The dogs have been spayed/neutered and vaccinated.


For additional information on any of the available dogs for foster or adoption, please contact David Ellison at +1 (510) 684-6506 or send an email to

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